Meet the Pastor

Rev. Zac and Corina Baker

I have been apart of the community here in Olney, Texas for nearly 15 years. I love this community and the people I've met and grew up with along the way. My father led this church as pastor for most of that, but God began to stir up several things. I began to feel the call to ministry, and set out to preach anywhere I could as much as I could. I was blessed by God, and was allowed to take Sunday nights every week to preach here, so I took the opportunity and ran with it. Over the course of time, my father felt the call from God to take on a new ministry, and the church voted me in as Head pastor soon after.

My vision for this church is to see it resemble the early church in the book of Acts as much as possible. The early church met the needs of the community. They fed the widows and the orphans. They broke bread with one another. They endured hardships, and they sacrificed to help their neighbors. Early reports of the biblical church say that people would give their own meal whenever someone was in need and do without that day. If only we had that mentality today; I wonder what God could do with a church that is focused on serving.

If you are looking for a place to come worship our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, you're invited! If you are just curious about who he is, you're invited! Everyone is welcome at Harvest. Come out and meet us!